Webinar 29 juni

Watch our deep dive into IoT networks

Sit back, relax and tune in to our deep dive webinar. Learn about recent developments in the world of IoT networks and hear the vision of KPN IoT on LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT and LTE Cat-1. By the end, you will know how to determine the best network for your solution.

The number of IoT solutions across industries continue to rise. We found that the success of an IoT solution depends on the IoT network. In this webinar we focus on Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) such as LoRa, LTE-M and NB-IoT, but LTE Cat-1 will be discussed as well.

Which IoT network is the best fit for your solution? What is future-proof? And which network provides the best balance between costs and coverage for your specific solution? In this deep dive you will hear the answer to all these questions and more, and you will know what the best IoT network is for your solution.

Watch the deep dive below and download the slides here.

Deep dive into IoT networks
Webinar 29 juni

Frequently asked questions

IoT networks are networks designed for IoT solutions that only use a limited amount of data. These networks were created seperately from the GSM networks, because some IoT solutions require limited battery life and less expensive IoT hardware.
There is no ‘best’ IoT network; it always depends on your IoT solution. In order to find the correct IoT network for your solution, you first need to define your requirements for coverage (which area), the importance of power consumption and, of course, the costs. Following this, you can then compare these with the features of the available IoT networks and pick the right network for your solution.
The 2G network of KPN in the Netherlands will remain available until December 2025. KPN SIMs that roam outside the Netherlands will still work on 2G if a 2G network is available in that specific country. Furthermore, KPN guarantees the availability of our LoRa, LTE-M and LTE Cat-1 networks in the Netherlands till at least 2030. A new assessment of the entire radiospectrum is scheduled for 2030.
KPN does not offer NB-IoT, and has instead opted for a LoRa network in the LP-WAN spectrum.
The availability of specific IoT networks differs depending on country and region. Please consult the coverage maps of each network in the webinar slidedeck.
If your goal is to connect a very limited number of IoT solutions, a local network might suffice. However, if you expand the number of IoT solutions, include managing the network and also look at the ability to scale that solution (internationally), IoT networks become crucial for success. An IoT network is able to offer the service level and scalability required for large scale IoT solutions.
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