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Get the best IoT connectivity worldwide

With KPN IoT you get the best in IoT connectivity. Using 600+ IoT networks across the globe, combined with non-steered roaming, we always offer the best and most reliable connection. We provide you with SIMs that perfectly suit your business and an online platform that gives a clear overview of your SIMs, devices and costs.

This is why you want KPN IoT connectivity

Connectivity SIM
SIMs that suit your business

• Wide range of SIM cards

• Possibility to add specific applications

• Pioneer in the field of RSP (Remote Sim Provisioning)

Connectivity coverage
Guaranteed best connectivity worldwide

• 600+ roaming partners

• Access to multiple IoT networks in almost every country

• Non-steered roaming

Connectivity dashboard
Always in control

• Overview of devices, SIMs and costs in online management platform

• Possibility to set up automation rules

• Access to extensive API catalog

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Discover how we provide you

Of course we can say that we offer the best IoT connectivity worldwide, but we can also show you. Watch this video to understand why KPN IoT is your partner for seamless, global and reliable connectivity.

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Discover how we provide you with the best IoT connection

Of course we can say that we offer the best IoT connectivity worldwide, but we can also show you. Watch this video to understand why KPN IoT is your partner for seamless, global and reliable connectivity.

Spoiler alert:
it has something to do with our highly extensive network of global roaming partners and non-steered roaming. Using 600+ IoT networks worldwide, we are able to provide you with reliable IoT connectivity wherever you go. We also offer non-steered roaming, which means that your device has the freedom to connect with the best available connection.

So with KPN IoT you always have the most reliable connection to the best IoT network. Anywhere, anytime.

Overview of different types of IoT connectivity

There are multiple connectivity options to connect your devices worldwide. Discover in the table below which types of connectivity we offer and what distinguishes them from each other. Just know that whatever type of connectivity you choose, our IoT connectivity is always reliable and secure.


Battery life
< 5 years
Connection speed
< 1.000 Kbit/s
Response time
Connection frequency
Frequently connected
International coverage
Worldwide 60 operators. KPN has a growing number of roaming agreements with other providers


Battery life
Connection speed
> 1 Mbp/s
Response time
Super fast
Connection frequency
Always connected
International coverage


Battery life
Continuous power
Connection speed
> 1 Mbp/s
Response time
Mega fast
Connection frequency
Always connected
International coverage
Nationwide coverage and worldwide 20+ operators and growing
11 keyfeatures WP
Read our whitepaper

Make the right choice using the 11 key features in IoT connectivity

The table above shows multiple connectivity options. You already know that you need to choose the right type of connectivity for your device. But how? We distinguished 11 key features that will help you make the right connectivity choice. Aspects such as real time monitoring, flexibility, availability and security are equally as important. We will walk you through these features in our whitepaper.

Download the whitepaper and enable yourself to make the right connectivity choice for your business.

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Give our global M2M/LTE-M connectivity a try

Do you have an IoT business project and would you try the best global connectivity? Find out how well KPN IoT connectivity works for you.

• Non-steered roaming SIMs with worldwide coverage
• Access to the Cisco platform with full control over your IoT SIMs
• Local and highly skilled support

What is the meaning of IoT connectivity?

First things first, what do we actually mean when talking about IoT connectivity? You already know that with the rise of the Internet of Things, it has become possible to connect ‘things’ such as products and devices.

Well, the meaning of IoT connectivity is connecting various points in an organization’s ecosystem, such as sensors, applications, and platforms, in such a way that you can collect new data. With this data you get smarter. This is because the data can be used to create new business models, optimize processes, improve customer experiences and even grow in sustainability. The opportunities are infinite. Especially because there are multiple options in IoT connectivity.

Read more below to find out what connectivity option works best for you.

What’s your IoT challenge?

Future-proof connections today

Maybe you’re building smart vehicles. Maybe you want to make the agri-business future-proof. Maybe you’re delivering lifesaving vaccines. And maybe you’re inventing a whole new business. The opportunities in IoT are infinite. And your connectivity should be too.

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M2M services you’ll love to sell

It’s not about sim cards it’s about the M2M services that fit your customers’ needs. To our reselling partners in M2M, we’re as clear as can be. Perfect connections worldwide, flexible options, with premium support from a team that knows its IoT. That’s the M2M service you’ll want to sell. Meet KPN IoT.

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Read more about IoT connectivity

KPN continues to expand its global LTE-M roaming footprint
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