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Anyone who has a business running a number of vehicles wants to know where their cars or vans are at anytime. It’s also good to know how well vehicles and drivers are performing. RAC, the UK’s roadside assistance organization, is also a leading telematics provider, helping companies to monitor and manage their business fleet. RAC turned to KPN IoT’s partner M2M Intelligence to keep its vehicles connected, wherever they are.

Reduced costs, increased safety

RAC provides telematics –smart insights into business vehicles – by connecting cars and vans. Knowing the location and performance of a business fleet helps companies work more efficiently. Reducing costs, by monitoring fuel usage and vehicle diagnostics. Increasing safety, by tracking driver style and behavior. Detecting collisions in real-time, to offer rapid assistance.

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A small box with big impact

A small device (the size of a matchbox), fitted with a sim card is at the core of RAC’s telematics. Installed on a vehicle, it tracks location and monitors diagnostics like mileage, battery conditions, and engine fault codes. It also collects data on speed, acceleration, and braking. This helps RAC’s customers manage their business vehicles better and it even reduces insurance premiums for cars and drivers that now have hard data to prove they drive safely.

Looking for a network, finding KPN IoT

For RAC, monitoring so many vehicle requires reliable mobile coverage. In 2013, when RAC was building its telematics business, no single mobile operator had coverage throughout the whole of the UK. This presented a problem, especially when a vehicle breaks down or crashes. In search of a solution, they turned to the connectivity services company M2M Intelligence.

Because of its excellent coverage, RAC and M2M Intelligence chose to work with KPN IoT. With non-steered roaming, KPN IoT uses not one, but several networks, automatically connecting vehicles to the best available option. It also offers international connectivity: when vehicles travel into Europe, KPN IoT switches to the best local network, enabling RAC to keep track of cars on the continent.

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‘KPN IoT’s ability to roam across multiple networks ensures a good connection wherever our customers’ vehicles are’
- Yioti Smith, Head of Telematics at RAC

Partnering with KPN IoT

KPN IoT often teams up with connectivity services partners. In the case of RAC, it’s M2M Intelligence, a long-time KPN partner. M2M Intelligence has intimate knowledge of the specific needs of customers like RAC, KPN IoT provides the reliable IoT connectivity. ‘Our telematics needs the best coverage possible across mobile networks, so that even the most remote locations have connectivity,’ says Yioti Smith, Head of Telematics at RAC. ‘This is why we work with KPN and M2M Intelligence. KPN’s ability to roam across multiple networks ensures a good connection wherever our customers’ vehicles are.’

The road ahead for telematics

Telematics has a lot of potential: RAC already monitors location and vehicle diagnostics. And they are alerted if there’s an accident, so they can give the driver the needed assistance. Now, innovative companies like RAC are unlocking the value of all their data. One great opportunity is in insurance. RAC, which also offers car insurance, can differentiate insurance premiums based on driver behavior and vehicle health. Safe drivers with well-maintained cars now pay lower premiums.

A second opportunity lies in predictive maintenance. If you have a business that depends on vehicles, any ‘downtime’ – cars or vans breaking down or needing unplanned repair – has a negative impact. With connected vehicles, it is now possible to analyze diagnostics to predict any oil change or repair needed. Helping fleet owners to keep their vehicles operational.

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