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Introducing the KPN IoT Profile on 1oT eSIM

We are thrilled to share that 1oT eSIM now includes KPN IoT’s profile - a significant achievement in our 3-year partnership. Since the beginning of our collaboration in 2020, we have worked harmoniously towards our shared goal of excelling in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape. With the inclusion of KPN IoT's profile, 1oT’s customers can now access KPN's extensive global network for seamless cellular connectivity. This development is a testament to our shared commitment to providing our customers with the most efficient and reliable IoT solutions all over the world.

Who is 1oT?

1oT is transforming the IoT connectivity industry by providing a telecom-independent eSIM connectivity service that prioritizes speed and flexibility while eliminating vendor lock-in.Through partnerships with multiple telecoms, 1oT has integrated their services into a single eSIM card, making it easier for enterprises to work with multiple connectivity providers. As of today, 1.4 million IoT devices worldwide, including bird trackers and e-scooters, are using 1oT's connectivity service.

“KPN and 1oT have cultivated a fruitful and enduring partnership over the past three years. Throughout our collaborative journey, we are impressed by 1oT's expertise and unwavering commitment to innovation. Together we have fostered a forward-thinking mindset with a relentless pursuit of improvement. This recent collaborative eSIM milestone is a wonderful illustration of that. Together with 1oT, we are committed to stay at the forefront of IoT to continuously benefit our valued customers.” - Paul Koning, Director International Sales at KPN IoT. 

Uniqueness in the IoT Space

KPN IoT's eSIM profile offers unique benefits that differentiate it from other profiles available on 1oT eSIM. KPN has made 5G coverage a priority. Given the growing interest in industries where fast, reliable connections with minimal latency are a must, such as autonomous vehicles or telemedicine, this is a huge advantage. This is also linked to the growing trend towards data-hungry IoT applications. KPN’s profile is suitable for various IoT applications with high data consumption, which can vary significantly from month to month. This flexibility allows companies to adapt their deployments to ensure optimal performance and cost efficiency. Third, there is the opportunity to include voice services for IoT applications. Extending the service beyond cellular connectivity and SMS is important, as voice is required for more complicated smart devices and services.

In addition to connectivity, through KPN IoT, 1oT can arrange various additional services, including VPN and private fixed IP. This extra layer of security is essential in industries dealing with confidential information or operating in sensitive environments.

“Our partnership with KPN IoT has opened up exciting new horizons in the IoT space. KPN's extensive coverage, reliable connectivity, and responsiveness make them an invaluable partner in our mission to transform the IoT landscape with a carrier-independent eUICC. I am confident that our collaboration will drive innovation, foster growth, and deliver exceptional value to our customers as we continue to pave the way for IoT connectivity.” — Taavi Jõgeva, 1oT’s Sales Director

Committed to the sustainable growth of the Internet of Things

Both 1oT and KPN share a common dedication to sustainability and are actively taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. By prioritizing sustainability, we fulfil our commitment to preserving the planet while providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

1oT has made significant contributions to the IoT ecosystem. For example, they introduced half-SIM cards to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste after removing the SIM from its shell. With this change, they predict saving 140 kg of plastic waste per year and reducing CO2 waste by 16%. More recently, they launched the 1oT eSIM Core infrastructure that is powered entirely by renewable energy.

Similarly, KPN also strives to connect everybody and everything in a sustainable way and works to continually reduce their environmental impact. As one of the world's most sustainable telecom companies, KPN has been using 100% green electricity since 2011, and has been completely climate neutral since 2015. Moreover, just like 1oT, KPN will also start delivering half-size and eco-SIMs by default, and will only provide full sized SIM cards per special request to reduce the environmental impact of IoT connectivity. 

So the further development and adoption of eSIM is a perfect example of our joint commitment to move the IoT landscape forwards in a sustainable way. 

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