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Practical steps towards a successful connected product

The Internet of Things offers wonderful opportunities for businesses. Your company can benefit from this too. With the practical steps in this roadmap, you lay the foundation for a successful implementation of an IoT solution in your organization

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Roadmap for succesful digitalization with the Internet of Things

The process of implementing an IoT solution, such as a connected product, in your organization may seem somewhat complex. Many factors have to be considered, from choices in data collection to decoders and from applications to impact on existing revenue models.

This roadmap gives you practical recommendations for successful digitalization with the Internet of Things, from a commercial and technical perspective.

1. Determining value
2. Preparation & product modifications
3. The connection
4. Dealing with data
5. End user(s) & access
6. Partnerships
7. Organization

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From idea to connected product

In addition to our roadmap, we have developed a checklist with all the actions needed to carry out your IoT project successfully. Just take it step by step.

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