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Must-read: IoT security whitepaper

A lot of IoT projects fail prematurely because of concerns over security and privacy. Often unnecessarily. IoT security is complex, but with the right precautionary measures the availability, confidentiality and integrity of IoT data and systems can be properly secured. In this whitepaper we look at the security challenges of the Internet of Things. And we give you 10 tips that will allow you to derive maximum benefit from IoT.

Security is assured

The Internet of Things provides many benefits for businesses. For example, it's possible to get real-time insights into the location of equipment, thanks to tags on the devices. And by using temperature sensors it's possible to see when freezers are warming up, causing food to spoil. Or they can monitor whether medicines are being kept at the right temperature.

At the same time, there are certain risks associated with IoT. An ever-increasing number of devices have an internet connection, so cybercriminals are also getting more opportunities to attack consumers and businesses. In theory, anything that has an internet connection can be hacked. Especially if no attention has been paid to security when the IoT devices were developed or during the implementation of IoT solutions.

To help you navigate IoT security risks, we set up a practical whitepaper with 10 tips. These will help you to derive maximum benefit from IoT in a safe and secure manner.


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