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How do I prepare myself as an IoT customer for the end of 2G?

The end is in sight for 2G. This means you will soon have to switch to a new network. It’s worthwhile getting yourself ready for it now so that you won’t face any surprises later. In this blog, you can find out what you have to do in your situation.

I make calls via 2G in the Netherlands

We are switching permanently to 4G calling, also known as VoLTE, on December 1, 2025. VoLTE is needed so that you can still make calls when 2G is no longer available. If your device supports VoLTE, all you have to do is change your communication plan. As one of our IoT customers, you will soon be able to do so by making a request in our ticket system. After that, all your calls will be made via VoLTE.

If your device does not support VoLTE, you will have to change your device. Your supplier can arrange this for you. Or we can look at it together. That is possible at any time.

I have a 2G-device

That device will not work with our new networks, such as LoRa, LTE-M, and LTE, and therefore you need to change your device. Want to find out which network suits you best? Check out our blog about IoT connections.

I want to switch to LoRa

Then there are more things you need to consider. So it’s a good idea for us to look at it together. Then we can be sure that everything runs smoothly. We will arrange the switch together.

I’m using 2G with another provider

We are not the only ones that are pulling the plug. Eventually, every provider in the Netherlands will discontinue 2G and 3G. So this is a great time to take stock: does this provider still satisfy my needs, or will I get better service elsewhere? At KPN, we have the best global network, so it can never do any harm to have a look at the top-class services we provide. Check our networks.

I use 2G abroad

In that case, the December 1, 2025, end date does not apply to those devices. But it’s a good idea to check whether you need to replace those devices in the field because 2G will eventually be discontinued in other countries by every provider. When exactly will vary from one country to another. Check when 2G will stop in each country.

More questions about the upcoming changes? Just send them to us. Schedule a callback or send us a message. We’ll talk with you there!

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