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The 11 key features in IoT connectivity

Connectivity is crucial for digitization and the Internet of Things. It can make your IoT solution a success or a failure. This whitepaper elaborates on eleven key points that will help you make the right choice.

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Connectivity, the 11 key features

A connected product is more than an object with an internet connection. Aspects such as real time monitoring, flexibility, availability and security are equally as important. These 11 key features help you to make the right choices.

01 Global coverage and signal quality at all times
02 Optimal battery life
03 Suitable sim card for every project
04 Efficient testing and rollout process
05 Freedom of choice in coupling to the central server
06 Switching provider remotely (eSIM or RSP)
07 Simple and automated management
08 Solution-specific forms of subscription
09 Communication techniques
10 Deactivating superfluous techniques
11 Security throughout the chain

This is why you want kpn IoT
We offer the best global M2M connectivity

EV 1
Automated best connection

We offer non-steered worldwide roaming and an optimal global M2M coverage with carrier grade reliability

EV 3
600+ roaming partners

Access to at least 2 networks in each country guarantees the best connection

Kpn iot M2 M Partners reliable
Reliable IoT resellers

To get new businesses connected every day, we rely on great partners that know their customers and are on top of the IoT game

Kpn iot M2 M New Tech 2
The newest in M2M

We’re the first to adopt new technology like LTE-M and LoRa

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