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From 2G to 4G, 5G, LTE-M or LoRa

Bye 2G. Hello new opportunities

2G and 3G are being discontinued worldwide. So you need a good alternative. Does my provider still satisfy my needs, or will I get better service elsewhere? After all, you want to move forward with a network you can build on. And you can certainly build on us.

We are all switching

On December 1 2025, we are deactivating our 2G network in the Netherlands. Other providers might be doing so at a slightly different moment. With our existing network in the Netherlands and via our roaming partners in other countries you can continue building on IoT. You can switch to us on the following networks:

LoRa (only within the Netherlands)

4G and 5G

LTE-M and NB-IoT

Respond to new opportunities as of today

Discover what you can do today to prepare for a future without 2G or 3G.

Which network works best for me?
Which network works best for you depends on how you use it. One thing our networks have in common is that the quality is always tip-top. It’s not without good reason that we have the best network in the world.

<Discover what works best for you>

How do I get ready?
2G and 3G are being discontinued worldwide. And preparation is half the battle. So check out what you need to do right now.

<This is how to get ready>

AMP van 2g naar Lo Ra ampmedicalbox v4 2048x1365
They already made the switch

AMP: from 2G to LoRa

“With LoRa we send small data without costly gateways, something we couldn’t do with 2G. Every cool box now has a sensor, so medication reaches the patient in perfect condition.”

The benefits of partnering with us

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Best network

Already been chosen five times as the best and fastest mobile network.

EV 3

With KPN IoT, you always have coverage wherever you use IoT.

EV 4
Extra secure

No need to worry about your IoT security. All our services are secure by design.

EV 5

Knowledge and expertise
Innovate with us and our experts.

I’m using KPN 2G. What does this mean for me?

That depends on your situation and how you use 2G. You can find out below what it means for you and what you can do about it.

I use 2G to make calls
From December 1, 2025, you can only use 4G (VoLTE) to make calls in the Netherlands. And that’s good news for your organization because calling via 4G means better quality. Do you have a device that supports it?

<Activate 4G calling here>

I send texts via 2G
SMS works slightly differently via 4G and 5G. This can impact your use. We explain more about what is changing for SMS in our 2G sunset webinar.

<Take a look at the webinar>

I use 2G internationally
So, is this relevant to you? Yes, it is! Both 2G and 3G will be discontinued in other countries as well. When exactly will vary from one country to another.

<Check when 2G and 3G will stop in each country>

Frequently asked questions

The 2G network has operated since the 1990s, and it is getting harder and harder to provide it securely, efficiently, and energy-efficiently. By deactivating 2G, we can improve and expand other networks. This will make our network even faster, more secure, and more stable.

Eventually, everyone will stop providing 2G. As far as KPN is concerned, this will take effect in the Netherlands on December 1, 2025. Internationally, it will happen at differing moments, but we have drawn up an overview for you.

Don’t worry because we are here to help. On our blog, you will find a handy guide to prepare yourself. Keen to find out which network best satisfies your needs? We also have a blog for that.

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