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The number of IoT solutions across industries continue to rise. We found that the success of an IoT solution depends on the IoT network. In this webinar we focus on Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) such as LoRa, LTE-M and NB-IoT, but LTE Cat-1 will be discussed as well.

Which IoT network is the best fit for your solution? What is future-proof? And which network provides the best balance between costs and coverage for your specific solution? In this deep dive you will hear the answer to all these questions and more, and you will know what the best IoT network is for your solution.

Watch the deep dive below and download the slides here.

Deep dive into IoT networks
Webinar speakers

Questions & Answers

The Q&A starts at 27:30 in the video and contains the following quenstions:

1. With the introduction of emerging technology such as NB-IoT, do you see the future of IoT shifting towards the lower bandwidth opportunities?
2. Does KPN have some in-house developed hardware that can be used with the SIM cards?
How is the feature ‘download a new profile’ different from the existing roaming feature?
Once a device is on the network, what do they connect to?
Are there any limitations for using this profile in countries like Iran? And how you handle the second profile in that country?
6. With an eSIM, how local is the profile?
Can this eSIM switch from an operator with poor coverage in a region to an operator with good coverage in that region in real-time?
Who is your partner in Brazil? Does KPN cover any other countries with permanent roaming restrictions with local profiles?
9. What happens to customer care? How would you be able to monitor the performance of these customers?
Can we switch to the local network provider and stay on that network as long as needed
11. What about eSIM in combination with NB-IoT, since SMS is not supported in NB-IoT?
How do you ensure a secure connection across all these networks where sensitive data is shared across? Is this at the edge or the core?
Who would be the point of contact for further information?

Our guests:

With reliable global IoT connectivity our inspection robots can be deployed anywhere. Acting as our eyes, ears and nose, they allow people to steer clear of hazardous environments.

B Medical Systems
When vaccines are transported thousands of miles, powerful connectivity is their most important travel companion. Find out how IoT helps B Medical Systems save lives.

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