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Our M2M product

The best global M2M connectivity

Go for the best M2M global connectivity. Go for KPN IoT. We offer automatic connection to 600+ partner networks around the globe. Connecting businesses: seamlessly, reliably, globally. Welcome to KPN IoT.

Go for the best M2M global connectivity. Go for KPN IoT. We offer automatic connection to 600+ partner networks around the globe. Connecting businesses: seamlessly, reliably, globally. Welcome to KPN IoT.


600+ networks worldwide

Global M2M coverage, with carrier grade reliability. Because you take your IoT business seriously, you want your products to be connected, all the time. That means being able to count on the best network available, anywhere, anytime. KPN IoT automatically connects smart devices to one of 600+ networks worldwide, with 100+ partner networks in Europe alone. KPN IoT is committed to always providing the best roaming or local connections.

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Automated best connection

With non-steered roaming

Kpn iot M2 M worldwide
600+ roaming partners

Worldwide. Access to at least 2 networks in each country guarantees the best connection.

Kpn iot M2 M reliable
Carrier grade

Extremely high availability

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The newest in M2M

We’re the first to adopt new technology like LTE-M and LoRa

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Try our sims for free

Try our global M2M connection

Curious how well our M2M connection works for you? Try it for free.

• 2 M2M sim cards with worldwide coverage
• Access to the Cisco Jasper Control Center
• 24/7 support

Flexible for your needs

With KPN IoT you pay for what you need. And you only pay for what you use. It’s your business, so you get to choose. We offer options in sim cards, in connectivity preferences and in data usage. And if you want to change your choices? No problem. Simply adjust them in our KPN Control Center. It’s up to you.

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Cisco Jasper

Automate your IoT with Cisco Jasper

Smart devices deserve smart performance. We offer Automated IoT, boosting efficiency and security through automated processes. You set the business rules, using api’s and event triggers - for data usage, sim status and notifications. You easily control platform access and automatically check the pairing status of sim and device, to prevent misuse.

The Cisco Jasper Control Center is the key dashboard to manage all your IoT devices. KPN IoT is the launching partner of Cisco Jasper. With 10 years of experience, we know how you get the most out of this smart IoT platform.

Kpn iot M2 M secure

Be sure, stay secure

We guarantee secure connections. You’ll get a private APN. And a VPN, a managed firewall or regular internet connectivity – choose whatever fits your needs. Our KPN IoT Firewall and personal platform access allows you to manage passwords and offers multiple access levels. Automatic checks on the combination of sim and device ensures stolen sims can never be used in unregistered products.

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Our support team knows its M2M

Our dedicated M2M team gives you 24/7 personal support. Helping you out, from design to build to working solutions. Highly qualified in IoT, but always down to earth, with over a decade of M2M experience. And if you need premium support from a dedicated service-level manager, just ask.

Our sims

Sims that suit your business

Kpn iot M2 M sim2

• Business grade

• ChipSIM

• Industrial SIM

Kpn iot M2 M esim2

• Embedded in your product

• Remote Sim Provisioning (RSP)

• Connect to local networks

E-UICC: control your connectivity

We offer eUICC for smart devices. A sim embedded in your product, ready to ship anywhere, giving you the power to change network preferences at any time from the comfort of your office. So you can choose your local provider or roaming settings, without ever changing sims. eUICC allows Remote Sim Provisioning (RSP). So you can think globally but connect locally, right from the start. Together with the members of the IoT World Alliance we offer you local access to multiple regions.

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